lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

Homework March 1 to 5

Monday 1: Writing about you and your routine. 8 lines in your notebook. Title: Me and My Routine.
Tuesday 2: Exercise 11.4 and 11.5
Wednesday 3: Write 10 sentences in the past in your notebook.
Thursday 4: Exercise 12.4 and 12.5
Friday 5: Writing a conversation talking about past activities in your notebook.

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  1. miss...y0o no ve0o nada de l0osz ejerciicii0osz k n0osz dij0o..s0ol0o le avis0o para k vea k i0o sii keriia hacer la tarea per0o o la enc0ontre eee... de t0odasz manerasz t0od0o l0o k eszta aki l0o ezt0oy imprimiend0o jajaj...XD!!