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Guideline for fourth bimester

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This is everything we will be seeing in this period:

Middle school Fourth bimester guideline


1.-Verbs in simple past (regular and irregular verbs)
2.-Simple past negative and questions
3.-Past continuous
4.-Simple past and past continuous
5.-Used to
6.-Present perfect
7.- For, since, and ago
8.-Present perfect and simple past
9.-Just, yet, and already
10.-Present and past passive voice
11.- Present continuous and present perfect passive
12.-Be, have, and do in present and past
13.-Regular and irregular verbs
14. Present continuous for future plans
15.-Going to
16.- Will
18.-Can and could
21.- Have to
22.- Would you like...? I'd like...
23.- I'd rather...
24.-Imperatives and suggestions
25.- There is/are

1.- Identifying word forms
2.- Synonyms
3.-Phrasal verbs
4.- Identifying positive and negative connotations
5.- Understanding words from context
6.- Expressions
7.- Transportation
8.- Food
9.- Animals
10.- Sports
11.- Outer space

1.- Skimming for the main idea
2.- Identifying pronoun differences
3.- Scanning for specific information
4.- Identifying reasons
5.- Getting meaning from context
6.- Reading for main ideas
7.- Categorizing
8.- Identifying causes and effects
9.- Making predictions
10.- Identifying pronoun references
11.- Comparing and contrasting
12.- Identifying supporting details and the concluding sentence of an article


1.- Understanding parts of a paragraph
2.- Writing about a place
3.- Describing a place using sensory details
4.- Organizing ideas with a chart
5.- Writing about problems and solutions
6.- Organizing ideas with a mind map
7.- Giving advice or making suggestions
8.- Writing a letter
9.- Categorizing information and ideas
10.- Supporting predictions with reasons
11.- Using direct quotations
12.- Writing about classmates’ spending habits


1.- Starting conversation
2.- Asking about and expressing preferences
3.- Agreeing and disagreeing
4.- Doing a survey about preferences
5.- Offering, accepting and declining invitations
6.- Expressing sympathy and concern
7.- Hesitating and refusing politely
8.- Asking for reasons

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